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New Site, New Name. Check it.

Everything you need to know -- and then some -- about the re-boot of the Yale Club of Los Angeles.

So we just launched a new website and changed our club name, to boot.

You might find yourself asking, "What gives?"


Well, then humor us and read on anyway.


Q: I liked the old club name: "The Yale Club of Southern California and its Outlying Provinces, Excluding Catalina." Why’d you change it?
A: Back in the day, we were the only Yale club in Southern California. But then along came Yale Club outposts in places like Orange County, San Diego and Santa Barbara -- thereby eviscerating our club's claim to such a sweeping geographic expanse.
Plus, most of our members are from greater LA anyway, so no biggie, really.

Q: Are you trying to be edgy with all those tricky elisions and abbreviatons in your new name?
A: Yes.

Q: I liked the old club website. Why’d you change it?
A: We don’t believe you. No one liked the old club website.

Q: No, seriously.
A: Fine, we’ll play along. First off: The new site is powered by a something called Alumni Maget. It’s a “platform” designed especially for alumni clubs, and brings under one roof all the tools you need to run a club. We’re talking the website itself, the member database, the payment processing system, the newsletter, the photo albums -- the works.

Q: So, what’s the big deal about that?
A: Because previously, we had to cobble all those systems together from bits and pieces scattered among the far reaches of the Interweb. They didn’t play nice together. It was often like trying to make a rhesus monkey communicate with a Frigidaire.

Q: Is that it?
A: Um, well, no. We also, uh, we...

Q: Yes?

A: Ok, fine. That’s it. We just wanted to deliver an integrated, intuitive user experience for you, while making life a little bit easier for the sad, poor souls who have to maintain this thing. So sue us! (Please don't sue us.)

Q: Did it take a lot of effort to create this new website?
A: Not really. A bunch of us banged it out one afternoon during commercial breaks of an ‘Arrested Development’ marathon.

Q: I love the new banner. That font! Those drop-shadows! Who’d you steal it from?
A: Believe it or not, we actually went to our own bench for this one. Yalie Chris Corbett was responsible for all the design and production. Please give him mad props when you see him at an event or in a police line-up. Also, Chris got a little conceptual assistance on the design from Yale-in-Hollywood president (and former Yale Club president) Kevin Winston.

Q: Isn’t this whole new website and logo and snarky FAQ just an elaborate-yet-transparent ploy to attract new interest to the club?
A: Thanks for your tact. Memberships start at $35 per year.


Technical issues


Q: I forgot my password. Why is life so cruel?
A:  We're not sure. Might be karmic revenge for our spending so much money to make the last couple of Bond movies -- when that cash could have gone toward UNICEF. In any case, you can hit the karmic password rest at: http://www.yalela.org/user.html?op=ru

Q: Upon signing in, I got an Error 201. I don't like numbers. What shall I do?
A:  Just pretend they're really poorly-written letters. Also, know that an Error 201 means that the email address you provided is not the one we have on file for you. So do this:

1. Make sure you typed it correctly (it is NOT case sensitive).
2. Make sure your browser is NOT auto-filling this field.
3. If you think it is possible that we have a different email address for you which forwards to the one at the top of this email, please try it. This is rare, but does happen.

Q: I got an Error 202. Again with the numbers!
A: Try to revel in the palindonic nature of 202. It'll keep you distracted long enough for you to realize that an Error 202 means that you entered the right email, but the wrong password.

1. Make sure you typed it correctly (it IS case sensitive).
2. Make sure your browser is NOT auto-filling this field.
3. If 1 and 2 failed, you may reset it at http://www.yalela.org/user.html?op=ru

Q: I received copies of this email at multiple email accounts -- and/or believe my info is not what it should be. What do you guys have against basic competence?
A: Generally speaking, we like to under-promise and over-deliver. We apologize for only coming through on the first part. Also, you may have multiple accounts in the system under different emails. Please contact webmaster[at symbol]yalela[dot]org to clear up this travesty.

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