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MIT invites us to: Spring Luncheon: Origins of Life & Birds and the Bees
Join our MIT alums at a talk by Dr Ryan Ellingson and Dr. David Gold

oin your fellow MIT alums and friends for a luncheon featuring presentations by Drs. David Gold and Ryan Ellingson on their latest research regarding the origins and evolution of animal life on Earth. Event posting here!

Dr. David Gold is an Agouron Postdoctoral Fellow at MIT. His research combines genetics and paleontology to address the origins of animal life. In the summer of 2016, he will continue this work at a new position at CalTech.

Abstract - The origin of animal life is a major area of scientific research. Unfortunately, genetic and fossil data appear to be telling different stories. In his talk, Dr. Gold will discuss the latest scientific research working to unite these two disparate fields. In the process, he will discuss what environmental conditions drove the evolution of complex life, and how events that occurred half a billion years ago continue to shape human and animal life today.

More about Dr. Gold here.

Recent MIT News article on Dr. Gold's research here.

Dr. Ryan Ellingson is an NSF postdoctoral researcher at Cal State LA. He also teaches Evolution of the Cosmos and Life at UCLA. His research is focused on the physical and biological factors that generate new species in coastal marine habitats like estuaries and coral reefs.

Abstract - Sexual reproduction is ubiquitous throughout the animal kingdom, yet the earliest forms of life reproduced without it. Sex comes with substantial costs in an evolutionary context, and I will discuss some of the trade-offs associated with sexual vs. asexual reproduction. This will include exploring how sex has become so common in nature, how a wide variety of mating strategies has evolved in both aquatic and terrestrial creatures, and how sexual reproduction may contribute to the origin of new species.

More about Dr. Ellingson here

Program (subject to revision):

11 am - Arrivals/Reception (light appetrizers)

12 noon - Buffet Lunch (fish, chicken, vegetarian and vegan options)

1 pm - Presentation by Dr. Gold

2 pm - Presentation by Dr. Ellingson

3 pm - Conclusion

Registration includes one wine/beer drink ticket.  A cash bar will also be available.

After Thursday, March 31:

$45 for MITCSC members/MIT10
$50 for guests/affiliates

Last day for on-line registration is Saturday, April 2.

Walk Ins can register at the door for $50, space permitting.  Please call or text the primary contact below to ensure availability.

Restaurant website here.

Limited MIT-branded merchandise will be available for purchase.

Please click the "REGISTRATION" button on this page here and create a guest account to register.

Event Information
Sunday, Apr 3 2016 at 11:00am [ iCal ]
108 West Channel Road Santa Monica, CA 90402

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