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LA High Table Dr. Kevin P. Hand: Eureka on Europa?
Join us for "Eureka on Europa?” with Dr. Kevin P. Hand!

We invite Yale, MIT, Princeton, and Dartmouth alums to join us for the Los Angeles High Table, an every-other-month series aimed at showcasing dynamic speakers in an intimate setting. We especially welcome established alums in fields relevant to the talk and younger alums in all fields. This event features a talk by Dr. Kevin Hand on the search for life on Jupiter's moon Europa. 

Date: Sunday, July 17th
Time: 1pm – 3:30pm 
Location: We are lucky to have this event at Gil’s Sanctuary, an Art Gallery in Chinatown managed by Yale alumnus Janna Avner
Gil’s Sanctuary
818 N. Spring St, Suite 117 Los Angeles, CA

Price: $5. We also request you contribute a dish or drink to our potluck. Suggestions below. 

Event format: 30 min mingling, 60 min High Table Program featuring Dr. Hand, 60 min networking and discussion post-talk with refreshments.

About The Speaker: 

Dr. Kevin P. Hand is a planetary scientist/astrobiologist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California. His work involves numerical, laboratory, and field research on the physics and chemistry of ocean worlds in our solar system. Dr. Hand is a Deputy Project Scientist for NASA’s Europa Mission, leading the pre-Phase-A Europa lander mission concept, and co-chairing the Europa Lander Science Definition Team.

Potluck suggestions by first letter of your last name: 
We ask that you please bring a dish to share for lunch. Suggestions by last name are below:

A-F Main Dishes
G-O Desserts / Drinks
P-Z Salads / Appetizers

Parking: Parking is available in the outdoor lot next door on Spring Street, between College St. and Spring St.

Registration: Register here. Space is limited to 60 participants, so register early and be sure to attend!

For questions concerning registration for the upcoming High Table event, contact Jon at la.hightable.reg at gmail.com.

For all other inquiries (speaking at or hosting a future High Table event, helping to organize future events, etc.) write to Seth at la.hightable at gmail.com.

Event Information
Sunday, Jul 17 2016 at 12:13am [ iCal ]
818 N. Spring St, Suite 117 Los Angeles, CA

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